KOPEX FOUNDRY Co.Ltd. operates in a socially responsible manner, which is based on the sustainable development strategy, taking into account business objectives, social welfare, environmental protection and good relationships with our stakeholders
General rule
♦ We work in accordance with ethical and legal requirements in personal relationships and business with respect for people and organizations created by them.
We work for employees
♦ We provide good and safe working conditions;
♦ We provide our employees opportunities for development and advancement;
♦ We are open to new ideas and we create opportunities for their implementation.
We work for our clients
♦ We provide the highest attainable quality of our products, timeliness of delivery and innovation in manufacturing solutions;
♦ We realize business objectives in accordance with the principles of free competition;
♦ Concern for the customer and their satisfaction is our top priority.
We work for owners
♦ We provide work at a high level in order to increase the value of the company.
We work for the nearest environment
♦ All the processes in the organization are based on respect for and protection of persons;
♦ We do business in accordance with applicable legal regulations, directives and standards for the protection of the environment;
♦ support higher education;
♦ We charitable activities;
♦ We realize grant programs, financial support or material.

The basic value of the Company KOPEX FOUNDRY are people, and particular attention is given to the conception and development of the company’s employees

The key goals the of staff policy are:
♦ ensure stable employment conditions;
♦ continuously improve occupational safety;
♦ raising the professional qualifications of staff;
♦ ensure transparency of the recruitment process.

Protection of the environment in the Company FOUNDRY Kopex is to identify environmental aspects and their assessment, classifying and monitoring in order to carry out corrective actions, preventive or improving environmental protection.
Taking into account legal requirements and other business related Kopex FOUNDRY Co.Ltd., significant environmental aspects, technological and expectations of stakeholders has been defined an environmental management program.
Kopex FOUNDRY Co.Ltd. it has an integrated permit. The Company performs all duties up to date records and associated with the submission of reports to state authorities on the use of the environment