In the Purification Department and in the Treatment Department in April 2015, completed was the modernization of welding stations that included constructing new welding tables with individual welding stays, new platforms, new welding machines were purchased and new grinding station were made from scratch.








gsv1In order to meet the provisions of the regulations in force in the field of railways in the European Union, HSW Odlewnia Sp. z o.o was certified according to DIN EN 15085-2: “Welding of railway vehicles and their components.” The GSI SLV certificate was handed over to the Company in July 2014. The CL1product class indicates the highest level of certification for the railway industry confirming the compliance with the requirements for plants with the welding process according to ISO 3834: 2007.






In March 2015 we were granted the certificate of the American classification society American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) CASTING FACILITY AND PROCESS APPROVAL .








In March 2014, a bath for hardening of castings in the polymer coolant was put into service.

The systems of mixing and cooling the polymer as well as measuring the temperature and the concentration of the solution were employed in the tank. This investment has boosted the development of the Company by expanding the range of produced castings with heat-treated pieces that cannot be tempered in water due to the risk of cracking



badania_piecIn September 2013, the modernization of the gas bogie hearth furnace was completed in the Purification Department and in the Treatment Department.

The furnace was equipped with a computerized process control system for heat treatment. This made it possible to apply heat treatments to castings in narrow temperature ranges, and to reduce the level of heat losses




On 16.07.2013 the investment “Modernization of the manual foundry along with the installation of the regeneration system with the use of the ALPHA-SET technology “was completed in the Foundry in Tarnowskie Gory and now 100% of the castings are produced in the new technology.

The new installation includes:
♦ two two-armed mixer “SPARTAN 320AB” with the capacity of 20 Mg/h
♦ One one-armed mixer for manufacturing cores “SPARTAN 305 P”
♦ in the cast steel and iron foundry there were two separate shake-out grids installed behind the masses regeneration positions.
Mass regeneration is accomplished in two stages:
Stage I – mass regeneration directly behind the shake-out grid
Stage II – mass regeneration with the USR device with the capacity of 5 Mg/h
♦ existing sand tanks were modernized by equipping them with the pneumatic transportation installation.


In March 2012, a modern grid for knocking castings was installed in the casting hall, where the molding mass is separated from casting. Molding and core masses undergo regeneration in order to re-use it in the modern furan masses regeneration lines with the recovery of chromite sand. This technology is based on physical-mechanical processes enabling to separate the used bonding material from the sand warp.